Youth Advisory Committee

The City of Fredericton's Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) was established to engage and represent the city's youth, ensuring their voices are heard and considered in municipal decision-making.

What we do

The YAC is a platform for young people to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns about the issues that matter to them in their community. The committee undertakes a variety of initiatives, including:

  • Advocating for youth-related issues and policies
  • Proposing policies or initiatives that promote youth well-being and development
  • Organizing and encouraging youth participation in community activities, events, workshops, and programs that cater to youth interests and needs
  • Collaborating with other community organizations and stakeholders to ensure a coordinated approach to youth-related initiatives
  • Conducting outreach efforts to educate youth about their rights, opportunities, and resources available to them

Committee Members

  • Jana Salem

  • Olenga Ahuka

  • Lila Yerxa

  • Rawaa Rashid

  • Hiba Ali

  • Light Makinwa

  • Liam MacDougall