Fredericton 175+ Rose Garden established at City’s Botanic Garden

City Hall

Legacy project made possible by $25,000 in funding from City

The City of Fredericton has provided funding for a rose garden to be planted at the Fredericton Botanic Gardens in honour of the City’s 175+ anniversary.

The City has provided $25,000 in funding for the project and will serve as a legacy project for Fredericton. While the City of Fredericton recognizes its 175th anniversary and the history that came before, a rose garden serves as a commitment to Fredericton’s future and its growing diversity.

“It is an honour to gather and celebrate another Fredericton 175+ event. A rose garden is a strong symbol of love for our city,” said Kate Rogers, Mayor of Fredericton. “This legacy project not only serves as a reminder of our continued commitment to municipal governance, but also showcases our long-lasting commitment to the people of Fredericton.”

The garden will consist of 11 rose species, native to Canada and at least six heritage species from around the world. Each species in the garden will be labeled with English and scientific names. They will also be labelled in French, Maliseet and Mi’kmaq when available. Each species will include a QR code leading to a more detailed historical and natural-history information online.

"The Botanic Garden is excited to be partnering with the City on this Fredericton 175+ project,” said Stephen Heard, president of the Fredericton Botanic Garden. “Roses are so tightly intertwined with our landscape and our history. Watching the first roses be planted into the ground will let us imagine the spectacular display this new garden will provide for years to come.”

Fredericton was incorporated as a City on March 30, 1848, by an Act of the Provincial Legislature. However, Fredericton’s history goes back thousands of years. Originally home to the Wolastogiyik People, the French and British followed. Today, this scenic bend on the river is home to people from around the world.