Fredericton Police Force Partners with MADD on “Impaired Driver Caught Here Campaign”

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The Fredericton Police Force is proud to partner with MADD Greater Fredericton once again to present the 2023 "Impaired Driver Caught Here Campaign".  
The aim of the campaign is to serve as a reminder of the dangers of impaired driving and to remind people to report suspected impaired drivers. Signage has been placed at various locations throughout Fredericton to represent an area where an impaired driver was caught.  
The signs can be found at the following locations:  

  • Bridge St. @ Marysville Bypass       
  • Pointe Sainte Anne Blvd. @ Westmorland St. Bridge 
  • 400 block of Canada St.   

  • Westmorland St. @ Queen St. 

  • 500 block of Union St.   

  • Priestman St. @ Regent St. 

  • Maple St @ Ring Rd. 

  • 1600 block of Woodstock Rd. 

  • Brookside Dr @ Ring Rd. 

  • 400 block of Riverside Dr. 

  • Union St @ Saint Mary's St. 

  • 1500 block of Hanwell Rd. 

  • Sunset Dr @ Ring Rd. 

  • Priestman St. @ Smythe St. 

  • Woodstock Rd @ Hanwell Rd. 

  • 1100 block of Smythe St. 

  • 800 block of Prospect St. 

  • Regent St @ Wayne Squibb Blvd 

From Sept. 1 to Nov. 17, 2023, Fredericton Police Force charged 41 people for impairment by alcohol or drugs. As of mid-November, 175 people were charged for impaired in 2023, compared to 165 in total for 2022.  
“As police officers and emergency responders, we know firsthand the tragic effects impaired driving related crashes have on families and communities. We must continue to change current perceptions and attitudes towards impaired driving,” said FPF-MADD Liaison Cst. Garret Fancy. “With education and awareness campaigns such as this one, we may be one step closer to discourage impaired drivers on our roads and keep our communities safe.”  
The Fredericton Police Force will also be partnering with MADD Canada on their Project Red Ribbon annual awareness campaign, which aims to promote sober driving during the holiday season and will soon be launching the 12 Days of Impaired Driving Awareness campaign.  

If you see a potential impaired driver, here is what you can do: 

Call 911 (If you are driving, pull over first if you can safely do so) 
•    State your location 
•    Vehicle description 
o    License plate number of vehicle 
o    Colour of vehicle 
o    Make and model of vehicle 
•    Direction of travel for the vehicle 
•    Description of driver 

 “Impaired driving is still one of the top five causes of motor vehicle collisions and poses a huge risk to public safety and everyone on the road.  There is really no excuse for impaired driving because there is always an alternative,” said Fancy.   

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Sonya Gilks 
Public Information Officer