Sunday Service will roll into Fredericton in 2024

City Hall


Sunday Service is coming to Fredericton.

Beginning as early as Spring 2024, buses are expected to run between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Sundays. This new service also includes Para Transit. The move comes after Fredericton City Councillors voted in favour of the 2024 budget on Monday, Nov. 27 that would see Sunday Transit Service added. While customers can expect to see similar levels of service to Saturday, there will be some changes to bus routes. The goal is to provide a more direct and robust service to customers who need it most on Sundays.

“We have been working hard over the past year to ensure this service becomes a reality,” said Charlene Sharpe, Transit Manger for the City of Fredericton. “We look forward to providing Sunday Service to customers in the coming year and we hope it will inspire more people to take the bus in the future.”

Fredericton Transit plans to introduce new concepts, such as route changes, that can be considered for future changes throughout the rest of the week. These new service concepts would improve the customer journey and get customers to where they need to be in a timely manner. Route changes will be brought to Mobility Committee for their review with public consultations to take place prior to implementation.

Earlier this fall, Fredericton Transit released a survey through Engage Fredericton to better understand how to improve the rider experience, particularly on Sundays. Fredericton Transit has also been working closely with the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Fredericton Inc., and Business Fredericton North to determine how to serve our customers best.

“For years, former Councils have strived to implement Sunday Service,” said Councillor Bruce Grandy, chair of the City of Fredericton’s Mobility Committee. “Now we are finally able to bring this long-awaited service to reality because of the new direction Fredericton Transit has been undertaking in its Master Plan. This is a moment in time that deserves to be celebrated.”

Fredericton Transit will be sharing more information about the new service changes in the coming months.