Municipal Plan

View By-law Z-6: Imagine Fredericton: The Municipal Plan (adopted January 27, 2020)

City of Fredericton, Secondary Municipal Plans (Adopted May 11, 2020):

Fredericton Growth Strategy, June 2017 (PDF)

The Municipal Plan defines a bold vision for Fredericton—progressive and modern, with a unique charm and character designed for people. It also establishes a planning framework and provides policy guidance on a variety of land-use and development-related issues anticipated in the years to come.

This plan is the cumulative result of thousands of hours of staff time, hundreds of hours of effort by a Steering Committee, and the presentations, discussions and e-mails received from residents, the business community and interest groups as a result of 17 public meetings.

It is organized into four major sections:

  • The first section establishes the growth strategy and describes the intent of each key element of the Plan.
  • The second section contains the plan’s objectives, policies, and proposals for each of the key elements.
  • The third section sets out policies for specific areas of the city.
  • The final section lists the amendments made to the Municipal Plan.