Fredericton Tree Commission

The Fredericton Tree Commission is dedicated to the enhancement, protection, and promotion of Fredericton’s urban forest.  

Established in 1952 as an advisory body to City Council, members are impartial, non-political volunteers appointed by Council.  Membership includes one City councillor, the City Forester, and a Forest Technician. Tree Commission members collaborate with city staff, providing expertise on subjects such as the restoration of the “Old Burying Ground”, insect and disease problems other than Dutch Elm, beautification of parks and other public places, and Arbour Day Celebrations.

This committee’s duties include:

  • ensuring high quality tree care throughout the Urban Forest
  • providing advice and recommendations to mayor, council and staff on issues related to the Urban Forest
  • acting as a resource for city staff, special interest groups and the public on matters related to the Urban Forest
  • monitoring trends and forecast future impacts on tree health and urban forest sustainability
  • providing input on Urban Forest issues in the Municipal Plan Review process
  • evaluating and assisting with the development of municipal policies, ordinances and activities related to the urban forest.


  • Sonya Hull, Chair
  • Andrew Steeves
  • Jasen Golding
  • Meagan Betts
  • Wayne MacKay
  • Martha O’Sullivan
  • Andrew Bruce Martin
  • William Jones
  • Coun. Margo Sheppard, Council Representative