Water & Sewer

Each day, the City of Fredericton’s Water & Sewer Utility provides customers with clean, safe drinking water on demand. It treats thousands of litres of wastewater, ensuring the treatment of the wastewater exceeds national standards.

    Drinking water is sent to customers around Fredericton from 10 major production wells. The water passes through one of two water treatment plants, before flowing through an extensive water distribution system covering 433 km.

    Fredericton’s sanitary sewer network consists of a system of sewers designed to collect and convey household and industrial wastewater from urban areas to a wastewater treatment plant. The majority of sewage collected is treated at the Barker Street treatment plant. Two smaller treatment facilities also exist to treat wastewater in the Lincoln and Garden Creek areas of the city.

    About our Water & Sewer Utility

    Our Water Utility has provided customers with safe, clean water for 137 years, and environmentally sound wastewater treatment since 1969. The Utility also provides maintenance and renewal efforts for the system to operate smoothly.

    As per provincial legislation, the Utility is self-funded, deriving all its revenue from rates charged and government infrastructure grants. It is separate from the City of Fredericton’s general fund budget and property tax system.

    2020 Budget Supports Safe Water & Infrastructure Renewal

    In order to keep our water safe and clean, to maintain a safe and environmentally sound wastewater system, and to support reinvestment in replacing old infrastructure, Council approved a Utility operating and capital budget of $22.86M, a water consumption rate of $1.86/m³, and a quarterly service charge of $117.20